El zaman el gameel

We all heard of “El Zaman El Gameel” either from our parents, grandparents or anyone from the previous generations. When I hear the term “El Zaman El Gameel”, I automatically relate to beautiful music, flowers, love letters, tranquility, descent romance, class, good morals, education, humanity, elegance, safety, black and white movies, vintage cars and more. Let’s see how things have changed since then.

1. People’s behavior and ethics deteriorated

Unfortunately people’s behaviour deteriorated over the past few years. People fight every day on the streets, and could end up killing one another over a small accident or mishap. People have become very oppressed and aggressive to a very dangerous and harmful extent. It’s become very difficult to maintain class and good morals. Anyone can fall victim to theft, kidnapping or rape. We hear people cursing instead of birds singing and noise instead of tranquility; we smell pollution instead of flowers. Street kids sell balloons and other toys instead of playing with them. Books are used in rolling hot ta3miya and so are newspapers.

2. Art, love and fashion took a serious turn

What happened to love letters? To good morals and leading by example? Where did classy movies with good humour and purpose go? What happened to belly dancers? Where did humanity go? El Zaman El Gameel has totally turned into Zaman El Fawda. Total chaos. Men beat their women up instead of looking after them, and have become less responsible. Kids get abused at a very young age. Technology is taking over our lives and leading us blindly. Barely do we have time to spend quality moments with friends as well as visit family and neighbours. Fashion is driving us into a wall, and people use their hands or weapons instead of their voices to express themselves or object. Harassers are all over the streets and so are street vendors who try to sell us happiness despite of their burden. People have no shame throwing garbage in the street and do it publicly as well. All rules are being broken; everyone wants progress yet no one is willing to change.

If we start acting and showing others that we are trying and willing, they’ll start following. Let’s stand together against wrong acts. Let’s begin first and lead by example.