‘Zaghareet zaghareet’ everywhere, right? It’s not that we actually hate the fact that people are finding their significant others, the issue here is that some of these people have only met their potential partners a few days ago or are still struggling with homework ‘el 3arabi’ to even have time for someone in their lives. Here are eight signs you still need a few more years in the single zone and have to wait for the right 7amada.

1. You still don’t know your boyfriend’s middle name

If you even wonder for a few seconds at this point or even go ‘Akeed Mohamed aw Ahmed’, you still need to know more about 7amada and put this groom-to-be thing on hold!

2. You break up with your boyfriend every other week

If the movie ‘Omar w Salma’ has any kind of resemblance to your love life, you are still not over your teenage drama and Taylor Swift breakup songs. Give yourself a few more years to meet your right Tamer Hosny.

3. You don’t know the difference between el Ghasala wel Botagaz

If you’re planning to become a housewife and still look at el ghasala or el botagaz as a space shuttle and wonder how this thing even operates, I think you should go for an internship with the one and only boss ‘El 7aga’.

4. If the word ‘MBA’ or ‘Travel abroad’ were on your single life to-do list

We all know you used to have a dream of getting that MBA done or becoming a backpacker who roams the globe, but if you’ve lately become more interested in curtains or macarona bechamel, you need to slow down ya chef and focus on what you really want!

5. If Dada Ebtesam still does it all for you

Remember that time you tried to do that tagen el bamya and ended up just adding the salt at the end, because Dada Ebtesam made an emergency take over? If your  idea of laundry is to just hand it over to her, you need to consider that putting a ring on it involves only you and 7amada for a while, with no Dada Ebtesam involved.

6. All your friends are single and you’re the odd one

They will literally give you the ‘You can’t sit with us’ look, and probably won’t be there to help you choose alwan el nagaf. They will be hitting the beach, and you’d be stuck on the phone with 7amada. If you want that too much, you’d have to pass on a lot of beach tans or sleepovers.

7. If you’ve come out of an ugly engagement ending and this is just a rebound

Your ex-fiancé may have met his new girl a few months after your breakup, and you are probably still after that stuffed crust pizza. Taking a blind serious step into a new relationship may be just the best comeback and the worst for you…so watch out!

8. If 7amada’s salary or yours is still below one thousand EGP- Abort mission…I repeat!

If you and 7amada are considering tying the knot or discussing your future investments in that beach house you both love, 1K will maybe pay off the gas that could get you to the beach. It would take a lot of money to get married, and 1k won’t pay the bills for your romantic phone calls to start with!

Apart from the fact that I decided to put some points on the side, like people getting engaged in talta e3dadi, we’d rather ask them to finish their gebna beida sandwiches and then we can talk marriage. Our point here is make sure you’ve gone out there, explored the options, pursued your dreams right before committing to someone and sharing theirs as well.

But if your 7amada happens to drive a Porsche or plans on buying you one, I’d say ‘yalla nekteb el ketab delwaate halan!!’ Have a good day!