Egypt’s non-profit nutritional oncology research institute, Envision, will be launched today! It will offer the first cancer nutrition therapy in Egypt. 

First off, oncology means the study and treatment of tumors, cancer. Second off, Envision is a non-profit research institute. It aims to develop non-conventional methods for cancer treatment that do not rely on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, drugs.. Envision’s treatment protocol will primarily rely on nutrition therapy.

Oncology Nutrition Therapy is a method under research in England, France and Germany.

Nutrition plays a major role in cancer prevention and if utilized properly, the patient’s diet can change the course of cancer progression. Many dietary factors affect the rate of growth of cancerous tumors and specific dietary interventions may potentially reverse tumor progression.

Headed by Nutritional Consultant Dr. Cherifa Aboul Fettouh, the institute’s board consists of Dr. Fathi Khudair, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University; Dr. Mohamed Shaalan, Professor of general and cancer surgery at Cairo University and the Founding Chairperson of the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt and actress Yousra.

The vision behind institute is a big medical breakthrough. As for the patients who are diagnosed with cancer, this is a big source of hope.