Stranger things… The entire series’ 1980’s pop culture nostalgic-feel is a great homage and blast from the past with a modern edge. It’s really a mixture of the famous thriller movies we’ve all grown to watch when we were young adults—Nightmare on Elm Street, IT, Carrie, ET, Goonies, Alien… etc.


“This is the kind of show that literally leaves you on the edge of your seat.”

Viewers keep coming back for more and sometimes even binge watch the series without realizing how much time has passed. It’s all because of the growing anticipation, and that “Oh my God, what’s going to happen next?!” thought that always pops in our head.


The show revolves around a town that has no idea about a dark parallel universe, where lurks the most terrifying monsters you could ever imagine. The people of this town could unwittingly find themselves part of that “upside down world”, and fighting for their lives. Now imagine that kids are involved in this mess.

The cast was very carefully picked, with producers choosing 14-16 year old kids who don’t belong on TV; thus making the characters very relatable.


1. Mike Wheeler

This 14 year old is naturally the leader of his group of four friends. He gets them together and always pushes them to find the truth. He had the guts to shelter a lost girl named “Eleven” at his house, who turns out to be more than what he expected her to be.


2. Lucas Sinclair

He’s part of Mike’s group; the skeptical kid who weighs in everything before making a move. He longs for a normal childhood and always worries about what might get him in trouble. (Don’t we all?)


3. Nancy Wheeler

She is known as Mike’s big sister and the goodie-two-shoes of the show. She is finally dating the popular pretty-boy who is completely infatuated by her, because she is not the typical girl who he’d usually date. But she on the other hand, feels pressured to change since she suddenly found herself part of the “it” crowd.


4. Will Byers

Will is one of the four best friends, who suddenly disappears and triggers the series’ events. Find Will! (We all know that he’s unfortunately hiding in the parallel universe) But how can his friends save him?


5. Jonathan Byers

Although he’s going through a lot of personal struggles, he is dubbed as the creep and the loner. He lives with his single mother and little brother, and attempts to take the role of the man of the house.


6. Joyce Byers

It’s no one other than Winona Ryder who epically portrays the role of the worried and confused mother of Jonathan and Will Byers. She refuses to believe that anyone could help finding her son. Due to unexpected circumstances, she knows that her 14-year-old son is alive in an unsafe alternate dimension. People think she’s lost her mind, yet this didn’t stop her from finding out what is really going on.


7. Eleven

We kept the best for last, because she is one of the biggest mysteries of the show. This 13-year-old “weirdo” has superpowers like Carrie; she is able to move things with her mind. Eleven has no idea where she comes from, which explains why she has a very unusual name. We know that she’s been tortured by being part of a very twisted scientific experiment.


Other than the relatable characters, the show has an eerie-vibe that will keep you hooked till the end. If you like watching thrillers, then this show is certainly for you!