Egyptian Musicians

Over the past couple of years, many young musicians have been striving to become famous. Little do we know, they are absolutely amazing and deserve for us to really acknowledge their talents. 

Cherine Amr

With a beautiful voice and amazing talent, Cherine is an Egyptian unique rocker, sharing her music on SoundCloud.


Giving Afro-Egyptian music a new twist, Hawidro plays live in a few venues as well as post their music online.

Maryam Saleh

Maryam Saleh composes unique philosophical and political music, and performs as well. She also released her own album “Mesh Baghany”, that you could find on SoundCloud.


Hany is a solo singer/songwriter, who emerged from the Fabrica organization. He released his solo album in 2010 and is known for his Indie Rock original tracks.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up is a university cover group that highlights diversity in music. On the drums, Marwan Rizkallah, Ahmed Elian on guitar, and fabulously singing, Ali El Shourbagy and Karima El Demerdash. They do not perform specific genres, however, most of their covers revolve around Rock, Indie, and Blues. They keep their music explicit to live performances. Make sure to catch them!

Dina El Wedidi

The multi-talented Dina El Wedidi has carved her way up to the Egyptian music scene. She composes her music, performs it, plays percussion for herself, and performs live in many places.

You could find out more about her on her website:

Ahmed El Sourani and Shehab Tarek

Although still in university, Ahmed and Shehab are young cover performers who strive and work their way to popularity. With Ahmed’s remarkable voice and Shehab’s amazing strumming, they perform in many local events and post their music on SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy. Keep an eye out for them in many events in Tagamo3 and Maadi. They are surely one of our favorites!


Founded in September 2015, Ritza has added on to their music for years. They present an unusual electropop genre and robotic infused vocals.

Many of the Egyptian youth’s talent is unappreciated and unseen. As they aspire to reach our ears and influence us with their incredible art, we owe it to them to give them a platform to beautifully grow.