A Facebook page by the name of تحت الارض – underground has recently popped up and caught the eyes of many Egyptians. One day before the church bombings in Tanta and Alexandria, a warning was posted on the Facebook page alerting people that an “explosion” was to take place. There was even a mention of a “burning cross”. 

Many people believe that the Facebook page is created by a diverse group of young adults who identify themselves as ‘devil worshippers’. Others have gone even further and claimed that they are cannibals who take turns in drinking each other’s blood and feeding on their own flesh. Several assumptions and an influx of theories have been circulating in the comments section on the page itself, but nothing has been confirmed or denied.

The page posts weird and undecipherable posts, which people perceive as “spells” and “talismans” fueled by dark magic. A number of Facebook users have urged people not to read anything posted on the page because the dark magic might “affect them unwillingly”, even if they are non-believers.

After the church bombings, anger and confusion were instigated and the page was temporarily shut down. But after the page was reactivated, they published another post with yet another warning, but this time it included a picture of the inside of a cathedral covered in red.

Whoever is in charge of this Facebook page, what do you think you’re doing? Whether you’re a skeptic, believer, devil worshipper or whatever your faith is, innocent souls have died for no other reason than hatred. If you’re “fooling around” and “having fun”, you should know that you are not fooling anyone. You are only causing more pain to the families and friends of the victims who were tragically and unjustifiably murdered. Have some respect and decency.