Written by: Kanzi  El Derini

Accepting change can lead to many new opportunities. Life has a bigger number of lessons to teach us than we have time to learn. We should, therefore, accept change.

We fear change since we fear the obscure. We know what we like, so in the event that anything different tags along, regardless of the possibility that it’s better, we are always prepared to reject it. In order to accept change, we must be willing to learn and start building from what we already know from previous life experiences. Accepting change helps you turn into a different individual.

There will come a time in life when nothing will be more essential than achieving your potential. Sometimes, in order to achieve your dreams, you must undergo many changes. Change allows you to become more flexible and open-minded. You develop and learn new things each time a new change takes place. You learn new things about different aspects of your life. You learn important lessons even from changes that did not lead you to where you needed to be. The more changes you go through, the more you can adapt easily to new circumstances, situations, environments, communities and people. Without change, you won’t be able to improve. We sometimes need to do things differently in order for them to reach our expectations.

Small changes might sometimes be the reason you undergo big, valuable changes. Overcoming the tough periods in your life allows and teaches you to become a stronger person. Change will bring you many different opportunities, choices of happiness and new beginnings. Life without changes can be extremely predictable, dull, uninteresting and boring.

In order to change, you must first accept your feelings, whether you’re happy, sad, or disappointed, you must know all the reasons behind your feelings. You must always look at the brighter, greener sides of change as you might always feel uncomfortable and misplaced. Always try to understand what makes you feel uncomfortable. Embrace your feelings towards change and express your feelings to others.

Accepting change may lead to new opportunities, expanding your circle and connections and staying flexible and open-minded. We always fear the unknown, therefore, we never feel comfortable towards change. You must understand the consequences and all the good things that change might bring. Always look at the bright side and stay true to your feelings. Embrace change.