The shooting of the long awaited blockbuster, Torab El Mas, is scheduled for next month and the incredible cast has finally been announced and confirmed! The movie is based on the novel by author and screenwriter Ahmed Mourad, and directed by Marawan Hamed.

Now, let’s get to the exciting news! Here’s the final cast of Torab El Mas:

1. Aser Yassin as Taha El-Zahar 


2. Mahmoud Hemeida as Hussein El-Zahar 


3. Menna Shalaby as Sarah 


4. Magued El-Kedwany as Walid Sultan 


5. Sherine Reda as Bushra Sira 

6. Mohamed Mamdouh as El-Service 

7. Ezzat El-Alaily as Mahrous Bergas 


8. Sabreen as Faykah 


9. Tara Emad as Tuna 

10. Bayoumy Fouad as Lito 


11. Eyad Nassar

Only a few days ago Eyad Nassar announced that he will be joining the cast of Torab El Mas. It is still unconfirmed which character he will play. But if we do the math, we will figure that the character of Hany Bergas hasn’t been claimed yet. So, who knows.