February brings with it a load of pressure for any man in a relationship. They know it is like an annual test of their love and devotion, and they will be scored on their effort and taste in gifts. All of this weight on their shoulders can cause them to do some pretty funny and extreme things while bracing for the big day.

Break up

Maybe this doesn’t fall under the category of “funny,” but this is a classic move for any man who decided that Valentine’s Day is just way too much pressure. We get it. Pulling off a good “Day of Love” for your special someone either takes a lot of hard cash or a lot of effort into doing something genuinely creative, and guys are not always up to the challenge. Breaking up with you is like the cheap way out of not having to deal with any of the mushy romance or bills that come with it. But they should know we can put two and two together.

Play secret agent

They are always insisting that women are impossible to figure out, so some men take February as their chance to spy and investigate what we could possibly want. If they can’t get wise to any of the obvious hints we are leaving around every corner, they will try to get the information from our friends and sisters without us finding out.

Talk up their gift
Sometimes men like to use Valentine’s Day as a bit of fun leverage by constantly reminding us how much they spent on our gift. That’s all good and well only if we are actually wowed on February 14th, otherwise, he is better off saving his breath.
Talk down the holiday

There are some men who hate Valentine’s Day as much as they hate Justin Bieber, and wish that you would forget about it all together. They may not go as far as breaking up with you, but they will do everything in their power to convince you that you don’t need a day to celebrate your love. All of this is so they can get out of buying you a gift.

Pretend to hate it

The other breed of men like to do the same, but in order to surprise you instead. They will pretend to be the grinch of Valentine’s Day, complaining about how it is so commercialised, fake, and overdone. Then after completely draining any expectations you might have for romance, considering yourself lucky if you even get a simple “I love you” on the big day, he will turn around and shock you with a perfectly planned day and gift! Just make sure you didn’t believe his charade to the point you didn’t get him a gift in return, or the night might end on an awkward note.