Written by: Dunya Hassanin
Your big day is almost around the corner, and the preparations for your Henna night are going in full swing. SLOW DOWN PLEASE and heed some of those little things that might have not leaped to your mind before!

While making your pre-ceremony plan outs, don’t fill your place with too many balloons. Your lovely night can insolently be disrupted by one of them having been popped every once in a while, especially when there are kids running around.

Spare some candles in case of any power-outs.
Don’t forget to catch up on some sleep before your guests start to show up. It helps your face look more florid and hold you over until the next overloaded day.
When setting up your music playlist, add up some of those classical wedding songs for the old geezers out there. They will not tolerate your favorite Boussy and El-Leithy’s duets, I know.
If you happen to be a fan of El-Henna and keen to get tattoo-ed by it, make sure that you get an all-natural, chemicals free Henna pasta to save yourself the potential allergenic reactions.
Hmm, the last thing I could recommend to you is to not spend a great deal of time thinking. Shake off these worries; it’s your day and you alone can call all the shots.