By Mariam Elmohandes

An unplanned event just popped up? Your Friends decided to hang out the last minute and you did not prepare any outfits? Don’t panic; we’re here to help you get ready for any occasion. Below is your styling guide to be prepared for last minute events:

Let’s kick things off with the hair.

1- Hair

Whether you have long or short hair, we got your back. Starting with long hair, you can never go wrong with the messy bun hairstyle. If you prefer to let your hair down, our suggestion is to go for the semi curly hair style.redhead-messy-bun-horz

For short hair, comb your hair a few times then braid parts of the front section of your hair. This style works every time.


2- Make up

Done with your hair, now let’s move on and head to the face. As you look in the mirror, your face looks pale. In desperate need for make up but little time to do so, here are a few tips on applying quick and flawless makeup.


Always go for striking bold lipstick colors. Maroon, dark purple and brown are excellent choices. Stay away from light colors.



You don’t have enough time to make that perfect winged eyeliner look, but there’s still plenty of time for eye pencil and mascara.

images (3)-horz


Use a little light pink blush over your cheeks to avoid looking pale.


3- Outfits

Here’s where it gets really tricky, picking out an outfit. It’s already difficult to choose what to wear on regular days, as we spend hours changing and trying on different combinations. But since you’re in a rush, just play it safe. Wear a basic t-shirt, colorful scarf and light jeans. If you want the edgy or Bohemian look, accessorize as much as you like. e3d25b8ff246f687fb542e046d9c8473-horz

4- Bags

At this point, the color of the bag doesn’t really matter. Light or dark, we still prefer sticking to big bags. They’re fashionable and can fit all your stuff.


5- Shoes

It’s very hurtful for us to have to say this, but there’s no real need for high heels. It’s possible to wear flat shoes and still look amazing. Our advice is either to wear sandals, half boots or ballerina shoes. If you choose to wear high heels, we admire your courage.


We know how frustrating it is not to be prepared to go out and have fun. Follow these tips and you will be ready to conquer the world.