You spent years watching friends fall head over heels in love. You’re also surrounded by others claiming to be in love, with their gushy Instagram posts and sappy Snapchat stories. You watched your best friend break up with her boyfriend; she cried and mourned for days and you bought her chocolate and ice cream.

You have seen the highs and lows and everything in-between. You’ve heard all the songs, watched all the movies, read all the tales about how falling in love is easy. And on those alone time moments, you sat and thought, “I have never felt this way.”

You have never been in love before.

Yes, you might have been in relationships but there was always something detached, or maybe something there but you don’t feel like you need it. Deep down, there is this feeling that if they left you, you would not be devastated.

The whole can’t eat can’t sleep, butterflies in the stomach, can’t stop thinking about that one person and let’s not forget the heart ache after fights and break-ups, all don’t ring any bells to you.

It just makes you feel like you’re alone; it makes you wonder if there is something wrong with you, if you’re unlovable yourself or if you have too high of walls and standards.

Many thoughts and questions crowd your head, as if there is a deadline for falling in love, and you’re approaching it. And once you do, you will lose any hope of being happy.

Here is what you need to tell to yourself. It’s okay.

It’s okay that you haven’t been there yet or that you may not be ready for it yet. What is so special about love is that there isn’t a timeline on when you have to find it or how quickly you have to feel it. It follows no patterns.

Life isn’t always like the tales we read in our favourite books or watch in our favorite movies.

Why would you want your story to be like any other story? Your tale should be unique, because it’s yours, and there is only one you.

So what you’re in your twenties and love hasn’t knocked your heart’s door yet. Again, there is no deadline. You have so much life ahead of you and so much time left to wait, and you should want the right person to knock on that door.

When love finds you, it will make sense why you haven’t experienced it yet. And when it does, everything you thought you knew about love will not be anything close to how you’re going to feel.

So don’t settle; don’t get involved with someone just because you think it’s abnormal that you haven’t fallen in love yet. Don’t let people’s insecurities about being alone makes you give up on love.

We all define love differently, so find your definition. Wait for the person whose definition matches yours. That’s love, and that’s something worth waiting for, and worth taking its time to come to you.

So don’t rush it because when it’s real, you’ll be so glad you waited.