Your wedding day is the day you get to celebrate your love to the person you’re about to marry, so it’s only fair that you go through a mini heart attack whenever something goes wrong. That, however, is not going to happen to you because after reading this article and following the steps below, you will hardly encounter any problems! Check out these simple tricks for throwing the best wedding!

1. Decide on the kind of wedding you want!

Sounds easy, right? However, most soon to be married couples neglect this step! So before you start deciding on anything, have a talk with your partner about the kind of wedding you want. Do you want a big wedding? A small wedding? Do you want it to be in a hotel or by the beach somewhere? What about guest lists?

2. Work out your budget

After you’ve talked wedding dreams, it is only fair that you decide on the budget that is supposedly going to finance your dream wedding! Being realistic is the key to knowing where you are, what you can actually afford for your wedding and what to discard!

3. Reach out to vendors (Wedding Planners, Photographers etc)

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4. Now that you have everything booked, it’s time to stress less and to start rehearsing for your big day!

How about one more wedding gown fitting? You know it won’t hurt! Head down with your bridesmaids and do one more fitting. We bet you anything that you’re dying to get in that dress one more time anyway!

5. Smile and have fun!

You did everything right, and your big day has finally come. So smile and have the time of your life. You finally got your happily ever after with your soulmate!