How many times have you met a guy and wondered hopelessly whether he likes you or not? It happened to the best of us, right? And we usually find ourselves going to every guy friend or girl friend, anyone we know really, for advice. The funny thing, however, is that no two people ever give you the same advice. You’re never really sure whether your crush likes you or not, but we’re not here to discuss the scenario that happens when he does like you. This time we thought we would tackle the ugly reality, the one where he’s just not that into you and your friends never have the guts to say it to your face! Stick with us because we’re about to burst your bubble. 

1. He responds to your texts one in a 100 times

Does your crush respond to your text very late, or sometimes doesn’t even respond at all? You often get mad and decide you’re never going to talk to him again, but then he comes and tells you that he was busy and gives you one of his lame excuses so you decide that all is well and that it was just a misunderstanding. Well, NEWSFLASH! It’s not a misunderstanding. If he likes you, he will respond. No one is busy 24/7.

2. If you talk about him with your friends all the time, while his don’t even know that you exist

When we like someone, we show it. We tell it to our friends and family because we want the whole world to know. If you guys bump into his best friend and find that he has no idea who you even are, then this is a red flag.

3. You open up to him without him ever returning the same courtesy 

Do you find yourself telling him your deepest and darkest secrets, only to realize that you know nothing about him. For all you know he could be a serial killer in disguise, so why the heck do you even still like him?

4. You’re always the one making plans, and he would literally choose any other plan over you

Are you the one who’s always making plans and asking him out? Does he choose even the dumbest most stupid plans over going out with you? Well, at this point we’re amazed you’re still even asking whether he likes you or not!

5. He told you straight up that he is not looking for a relationship right now

Sometimes the flirting game is just surreal, but then the guy we like comes out and surprises us with the famous statement of “I’m just not looking for anything serious right now.” This is when you should lose all hope, go home, eat that ice cream and move on.

6. You’ve never shared a meal together

Going out for coffee is not a real date, and neither is going out to the movies. You don’t do much talking in a movie, and you certainly don’t spend enough chattering in a coffee place. Unless you guys shared a meal together, let us just break it to you simply: You Have Never Been On a REAL Date.

7. He never asks about your day, and he’s not interested in your private life

If he’s not genuinely interested in your personal life and never asks about your day or about you in general, then that could be a red flag that it’s really never going to work out between you two.

8. He brings up his Ex

If the guy you like is constantly talking about his ex, what she meant for him and how she broke his heart, let’s just say his wound has not healed yet. You most definitely should not be tapping into that.

Well, we’re sorry if we broke your hearts girls, but better now than too late!