For those who are confused, the law of attraction is not just pure magic. You have to believe it for it to work. It is based on the notion alone that anything and everything that is made out of energy could be controlled. It is very tricky because it needs a clear mind and a strong will to achieve what you want.

“We create our own fate through the energy we emit in the form of thought and emotion.”


Truly Believe It With All Your Heart

To think/doubt that you can do something is very different from believing that you can do it. If you try to trick your mind into believing that you can achieve a goal, your real feelings (which is doubt) will be the primary emotional response or energy that will be emitted. That’s not what you want. Positive energy is real.


The Steps You Should Take

Start with a general idea like… “I will complete this week’s tasks”, it is something that is easily achievable and easy to believe. When you start seeing your accomplishments take place, that is when you should get specific like… “I will make my boss happy” then onto “I will get a promotion.” Positive belief leads to positive manifestation.


What Happens When Your Goal is Conflicting With Your Life?

Sometimes your life gets in the way of your goals and that is what discourages you from believing that you can achieve your dreams (despite how much you want it). The only way to overcome the outside factors that stop you from fulfilling your dreams is to integrate your goals with whatever is going on in your life. For example, if you want to stop drinking but you love going to parties, find support from friends who don’t drink at parties. Don’t let life get in the way, don’t let it control your behavior.

Clear your mind: Write down the things that bother you and exclude them from your wishes/dreams. The clearer you are, the faster your vision will come to life.

Find gratitude: Write down a list of people and situations that happened that you are grateful for. This will put you in the right mindset and positive vibe.

Focus: Once you’ve set your mindset on something, the more powerful it becomes. Trust your emotions and don’t over think. I believe I can do this. I am capable of doing this. I will do this.

“You attract how you feel. You become what you believe.”