Cairo, 2017: In another one of their much anticipated affiliations, Huawei team up with Photographer and Filmmaker Abdel Rahman Gabr-Koree and fashion Designer Norine Farah to produce a stunning series of photographs using the Huawei P10 plus. Koree’s biggest challenge was to produce images with very high quality to be used in Huawei’s campaign, and the P10 plus camera quality proved just that!

The entire shoot was taken using Huawei P10 plus with the second generation Lieca Dual Lens Camera. Each photography series mimics the stunning colors of the new smartphones which are gold, black and blue. In addition, the scenery was set amidst gorgeous and monumental areas around Cairo.

Koree chose to apply three main features of P10 Plus camera that are truly exceptional in terms of quality and innovation; Night Mode, Portrait Mode, and Monochrome. “I thought it would be a challenge to have an entire photoshoot using a smartphone camera but I was actually surprised how the camera handled different modes exceptionally well. For example, the night mode takes multiple exposures and blends it automatically, perfecting the picture with one click of a button,” explained Koree.

Designer Norine Farah was impressed with the photoshoot’s final results: “It was a great experience designing garments to reflect the aesthetic design and beautiful colors of Huawei P10 and P10 Plus,” said Farah. “Having worked with Huawei before on previous P series devices, I was determined to design gowns with many small details because I was confident they will stand with the great camera quality, which is exactly what happened”, added Farah.

“The photoshoot, in my opinion, was a great success displaying professional and quality images. We chose locations to represent the three vibrant colors of Gold, Blue and Black, seamlessly displaying the beauty and intensity of the golden ornaments in al Moez Street, the clarity of the Sofitel blue infinity pool and the black steel bars winding around el Korba Street,” added Koree.

With their all new P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei proves that consumers are just one touch away from delivering the perfect portrait. The Huawei P10 and P10 plus are tailor made for those with an artistic eye. With its unique camera features, the smartphone is perfect for the rising photographers of today, the Instagram influencers and the obsessed selfie addicts. It truly is a professional studio right in your pocket!