Shereen Reda, a name that has captivated everyone recently with her role in the hit Ramadan series, La Totf2 El Shams, the ever so beautiful Shereen Reda is originally a member of one of Egypt’s most renowned artistic families with unparalleled heritage during the golden age of cinema, theater and entertainment. Her rebellious character and daring eyes were the cherry on the top for Identity’s August ‘Break Free’ theme. Shereen sets the perfect example of self-challenge and self-confidence with an acting portfolio that has witnessed a huge shift from her usual typecast roles of the classy woman. She now portrays characters that reflect a deeper personal and artistic maturity, something she is keen on maintaining in all her future projects. She believes a mix of experimental and diverse roles would help discover her hidden potential as an actress. Here’s what you didn’t know about our gorgeous star!

Who is Shereen Reda as a person?

Shereen: I’m a very natural person and a very busy one right now in fact. When I used to have free time, I used to paint.  I also like to read. I find myself a very ill tempered and a crazy person in most of my decisions. Most importantly, I like to laugh and have a good time!

How has your childhood in the show business impacted your career?

Shereen: Growing up with my parents, I fell in love with the show business atmosphere. My background made me a part of this world whether I liked it or not. It’s not so strange to wish to be a part of such an impactful and interesting career!

Having studied fashion design, how did that fit in your career and why haven’t you  pursued that direction?

Shereen: I have always loved clothes and sketching. I’m still passionate about them, but back then the resources in Egypt were not helping me put my vision into work in terms of patron and designs.

If you were not an actress, what do you think you would have been?

Shereen: A doctor, a surgeon in specific. I don’t really know why, but I always get that inner feeling I could have pulled it off!

You once said that fame is not something important to you, can you elaborate more?

Shereen: Yes, it is not why I do what I do. I do this because I enjoy this career, and specifically featuring characters in roles that have nothing to do with me in reality. This gives me a time out of my own life and a hint of freedom that I don’t really get as a celebrity!

When you choose a role, how do you base your decision criteria?

Shereen: The scenario comes first; it has to be interesting and has to attract my attention. Being a fast reader, interest is something important to me in general.

People view Shereen Reda as a rebel, is that true?

Shereen: Yes, all the way. I don’t get why people place others in a box that defines who they are. You should be who you want to be, at all times, that’s how I see it!

What is ‘out of order’ to Shereen Reda ?

Shereen: ‘Out of order’ to me is defined in not coexisting with your surroundings or culture. If I live in a conservative country, I’ll have to understand where my boundaries are in terms of acceptable and not acceptable and play around that. Out of order to me is whatever is way too provocative to the norms in a negative way!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?!

Shereen: Basically everything, but I have to say that I’m a very cautious person and I calculate my moves very thoughtfully so I keep it within reason at the end of the day!

What still scares Shereen Reda till now?

Shereen: COCKROACHES. I can encounter a lion or anything, but a cockroach could literally give me a heart attack.

What was the most challenging decision in Shereen Reda’s personal life?

Shereen: Every day is a challenge, from living as a single woman to giving birth. The thing is you have to try to prove yourself strong and conquer all your doubts and fears!

Is there a single project that is particularly close to your heart?

Shereen: All my projects are close to my heart; it is more about the friendships I have built on set despite all the stress of shooting.

What is the one thing you have to have on set?

Shereen: Definitely my little mirror, without a doubt!

Your most recent movies like ‘El Feel El Azra2’ or ‘Khareg El Khedma’ have represented which stage of your career?

Shereen: I think more of the idea of doing roles that have nothing to do with how I really am, roles that portray me in different looks and challenge me as an actress.

Was it intimidating to be part of a big cast in ‘La Totf2 El Shams’?

Shereen: Not at all, everyone in the cast had a role to fulfill. The big cast added to the beauty of this project and made me interact with a lot of characters that gave me good vibes on set.

We heard you like pets in general, what’s your comment?

Shereen: I have 14 cats and dogs, all of which are rescued! I literally would save all stray dogs and cats if I could. To be warm-hearted and compassionate knows no boundaries, and I always try to start with myself and animals in specific.

Is there a role that you still wish to play?

Shereen: The role of a man, because it would be really hard for a woman and a challenge for the people to accept the concept, and I want to do that to my audience!

Any upcoming projects you’re working on right now that you’d like to share?

Shereen: I’m finally off for some time!

What piece of advice would you like to share with young actresses kicking off their acting career?

Shereen: Be yourself and make sure your ultimate goal is to make your talent shine, not your looks!

Where is love in Shereen Reda’s life?

Shereen: I channel the love in my life now towards my pets and my daughter! Love doesn’t have to only be trapped in the box of a romantic relationship.