I know how it feels when you’re sitting all alone, trying to silence the beasts inside your head. You’re overthinking how 2017, just like all previous years, caused you an unbearable amount of pain, heartbreak, shocks and disappointments.

I know how it feels to just feel sorry for yourself. Wishing that the following year your luck would be different, perhaps wishing that your whole life would be different. But believe me when I say it won’t.

I’ve been in your shoes a couple of years ago, when all I thought about was the negative side of every situation. Instead, I decided to flip the coin and always look at the bright side. Even if there is none, I would keep looking for one and my life has changed ever since then.

Here are some of the things you SHOULDN’T feel sorry about in 2017:

#1: Sorry For Your Failed Relationships

Even if your heart got really broken and your ex disappointed you and hurt you more than you ever expected, but you are still breathing. Cry and be weak, but right after that stand up on your feet stronger than before. Even if you lost someone you loved, or thought that you loved, you learnt a lesson or two, which is enough to make you ready for the next great thing!

#2: Sorry For The Amount of People You Lost

You will always lose lots and lots of people, especially in your 20’s. One reason is that most people you know at this phase are just ‘temporary’ people. So don’t expect them to be in your life forever. Instead, feel blessed to have a couple of REAL close friends, who really care about you and will always have your back no matter what.

#3: Sorry That You Ended The Year Single

This is mostly for girls, even if you are pressured to be in a relationship, don’t let it get to you. One day you will meet your perfect partner, so no need for the rush. You don’t need to be married and pregnant by the age of 20. Live your life and enjoy your single life, because believe me it is a blessing.

#4: Sorry That You Didn’t Reach Your Goal

Many of us set goals by the end of each year and then once the year ends, we find that we are not even close. This is totally fine! Try making better goals for the future instead of making unrealistic ones, and reflect on your previous year. Maybe just maybe you were close to reaching your goal if only you weren’t that pessimistic!

#5: Sorry For Gaining Weight Instead of Losing Weight

Well, I agree that we need to be healthy and fit. But it is fine if we aren’t sometimes. Don’t push yourself harder than you could and don’t pressure yourself, because you will never lose a single pound that way. Try finding a way that motivates you instead of always bringing yourself down. Believe me it is fine to have a karush from time to time!

#6: Sorry For Getting Bad Grades

Well unless you are not in Thanaweya Amma, then this doesn’t apply to you. GPA is just a number and it doesn’t define you. If you are smart, then maybe you just had a terrible semester or maybe even a terrible year. Change your attitude towards school/university, and you will find that life will reward you in return.

Life is about much so more than feeling sorry about your past; embrace it and make a better future!