By: Habiba Kamel

Nail trends have developed and changed recognizably throughout the past couple of years. Women have always paid great attention to their nails and nail art; as some women love plain colors while others literally love painting and adding a new feel to their nails. Your nails not only show how feminine you are, but rather what type of lady you are.

Rose Chrome Nails

Everyone is obsessed with the new shiny nail trend that after a while turns into a mirror due to its shine. Chrome nails come in every colour you dream of, every colour of the rainbow. Rose is the type of nails you would want to wear while going out with your friends.

Glitter Nails

Glitter is used in cosmetics to help spice up your look and make your nails and face appear more sparkly and shiny. Glitter nails is a fun nail innovation trend where glitter helps up your stressful work day.

Neon Tribal Nail Art

Neon Tribal nail art is the best and most trending nail innovation this summer. It offers lots of colours with a wide variety of designs. You can choose and make you own design as well.  You can either use a sticker on the colours you choose or you can paint on the design you want and prefer to have on your nails.

Wonder Women

Wonder Women is one of the top movies trending these day. Wearing the Wonder Women nail polish will immediately place you in the movie theme.

Colour Blocking

It is the type of nail trend where you can have more than one colour. It involves neat painting and sometimes geometric shapes. On every fingernail it uses new and different colours.

Mocha French Stiletto Nails

Mocha French Stiletto nails is the type of art for a woman with great nails. If you have two colours that you can’t choose between, you can now use both. You can apply one colour on the whole fingernail and the other colour just on the tip.

Calgel Nails

Calgel Nails has over 100 shades of colours. It is used on tips or as a type of natural overlays. Calgel is a type of gas permeable gel that certainly does not interfere with the woman’s nail bed. It is notably flexible when removing.

Prom Nails

If you want to have the best nails at prom night then black oval nails should be your best bet. They match perfectly with anything you wear to prom night from dresses to jumpsuits.

Game of Thrones Nail Art

Games of Thrones is the top trending TV series these days. Wearing the Game of Thrones nail polish must be the coolest thing ever.

Modern Metallic Nail

Modern Metallic Nail Art is the most popular nail trend this year. This type makes a woman look gorgeous and helps her shine bright like a diamond. It has a wide variety of colours starting with pink and ending with gold and silver.