We all need our daily dose of cuteness and nothing screams cute like animals! Who wouldn’t like to gush over cute puppies and kittens? And that’s why we rounded up some of our favorite animal accounts for you to follow. 

1. @marutaro

This account follows the adventures of a Shiba Inu dog in Japan. Maru is not only cute, but he also teaches about Japanese culture and shares his adventures with us as he explores Japan.

2. @maru_cat

One of the cutest accounts to follow! Maru loves getting into boxes and bags and is very well behaved.

3. @harlowandsage

This account is for 4 dogs named Harlow, Sage, Indiana and Reese. All 4 dogs are just adorable. The account started out with only Sage and Harlow until Sage passed away of old age back in 2013. The owners then got Indiana and Reese joined the family a year later.

4. @cats_of_instagram

Lots and lots of different cats everyday! This account posts from various accounts on Instagram.

5. @allthingshusky

Huskies are super adorable and this account posts everything related to huskies from all over Instagram.