iphone x

Does your iPhone X freeze when you use it in the cold outside? You may have even tried restarting it every hour or so and eventually got frustrated about it.

But this problem will not be fixed this way. And here’s why…

The iPhone x literally freezes.

Apple admitted that there’s an issue with the iPhone X freezing, and iPhone X owners complained that their phones freeze and stop responding in cold weather. 

iphone x freeze

A lot of people said that this would mostly occur when they use it in a different lower temperature environment.  

Apple advises users to use the phones in “acceptable” temperatures; between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius is the recommended range.

That’s not all..

Also, some iPhone X users claim that a green line appears on the screen and doesn’t go away even when the phone is turned off.

Others complained about how disappointing the Face ID is and that it makes them work hard just to unlock the phone without a PIN. 

face id

And here’s Apple executive Craig Federighi attempting to unlock the phone with the Face ID feature and experiencing an embarrassing moment at the iPhone X launch.

Apple confirmed the problem on Friday, but said it’s an easy fix and will soon be solved by a software update.

Apple promised planning a solution to the software problem and making it available to users by a software update in the upcoming days.

That would be the very first time the undisputed Apple devices face such a face-palm, especially as it launches what’s expected to be another breakthrough of Apple’s.