By: Dahab ElKady

An Italian tourist gets into a raging fight with an Egyptian Engineering Supervisor/Hotel Manager in a resort in Marsa Allam causing the death of the latter and the detention of the tourist on Friday.

Tarek Ahmed Abdel Hamid, also known as Tarek el-Henawy, died immediately and his body was transferred to the hospital morgue. The Italian tourist, Ivan Pascal Moro, who came for a vacation with his two children, confessed to his crime and the Italian Embassy is in contact with him for more investigations.

Rumors have been going around for the reasons behind the assault. One source states that the fight started after Ivan received several warnings from Tarek for standing in an area that was still under construction.

Other sources revealed that the tourist started beating the director when he prevented him from going into the sea after the allowed morning hours. There is still no clear or official reason behind the fight.

An Egyptian tourism official travelled to Hurghada to take the kids, aged 6 and 15, back to Italy. Also, the Egyptian tourism consultant in Italy, Emad Fathi, along with the Italian representative in Hurghada will be handling the whole case’s developments.


Egypt Independent
El Ahram English