Yesterday, in the spirit of Christmas, the hairdressers of Kriss Beauty Salons visited the beautiful ladies at Dar El Sayeda Mariam Al Azraa elderly home and gave them complete hair makeovers.

Kriss Salon Hairdressers

Kriss Salon

After the horiffic and tragic incident of Botroseya church bombing and all the tales of war and of waste we’ve been bombarded with all year, Kriss Salons’ beautiful gesture warmed all of our hearts. Among the group of hairdressers, there were Muslims who were keen on participating to show the world that all religions must be tolerated and respected and to reinforce national unity in Egypt.

At a time where love is highly lacking in the world, small acts of kindness like this go a long way. The women at the nursing home felt cared for, pampered and pretty. That’s all one can ask for during the holidays.

Women of Dar ElSayeda Mariam ElAzraa elderly home

Kriss Salons

One’s heart can’t help but skip a beat looking at the smiling faces of these pretty women after getting their hair styled for Christmas.

Kriss Beauty Salons just reminded us of long forgotten words of wisdom, which is that the journey of a thousand miles must start with a single step.

Merry Christmas, everyone.