Mia Ayoub, 28, starts the first girls only kite surfing camp in Gouna next September where ladies will spend an active weekend; but it won’t only be about kite surfing.

Ladies don’t have to be experienced to join Ayoub’s Kite Tribe Girls camp. Whether they’re beginner or advanced surfers, ladies will have everything prepared for them.

“They will stay in a beautiful villa, kite-surf every day, enjoy private yoga sessions and get to do other activities when there is no wind,” said Ayoub.

Ayoub also mentioned that men add a “competitive streak” to this sport, that’s why she chose to organize a camp for women only, as the competition stresses the participants. “This sport can get dangerous and doesn’t need the added pressure,” she added.

Ayoub will be breaking the gender stereotype in sports by starting her Kite Tribe Girls camp. However, she says that it will be a true challenge bringing ladies to the camp in Egypt. Hopefully, this changes very soon and as she tries to break both the sports stereotype as well as the ‘Egypt is unsafe’ stereotype.

Ladies won’t be pressured when their boyfriends/partners try to teach them how to surf, for they will finally know how to do it after attending the camp. It’s just one more reason to love Gouna.

Visit the Facebook page for more information: Kite Tribe Girls.