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Corporate Communications Plus (CC Plus) is a full-fledged multi-disciplinary communications consulting agency operating in local and regional markets, delivering on clients’ brand reputation as well as providing strategic thinking and delivering high impact campaigns across all communication spectrums.

CC Plus blends proven public relations’ methodologies with cutting edge press relations, events management and digital media to craft strategic programs that give clients winning and measurable results.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in business, CC Plus provides strategic PR counsel to a variety of clients across all commercial and non-commercial fields. CC Plus capitalizes on its breadth of expertise in business communications, press relations and innovative ideas. CC Plus delivers the best-in-class integrated set of communications services

When and how did you decide you wanted to dedicate your effort for the greater good of the nation?

Post 2011, Egypt has witnessed vast changes in its economic, social and political aspects. We were under the spotlight. Local and international figures were opting for a voice and place in the country. And as someone who knows the potential we as a country possess, I felt it was my duty to give Egypt a voice. A voice to narrate its story and share others’ as well. Narrative 2016 brought us all together. Business entrepreneurs and iconic worldwide figures shared their stories, challenges and successes as well as failures. It opened people’s eyes to what we could achieve within our given resources. It inspired us to go forward. Knowing there’s light at the end of the tunnel motivated the nation to get back on its feet thus, bringing Narrative 2016 back to life this year.

For someone who is new to the term, what does ‘Nation Branding’ mean exactly?

Nation branding is a means by which nations are attempting to compete on the global stage.

Very simply, it means applying branding techniques to countries and focusing on the behavioral aspects of managing a nation’s image. It’s the concern of a country’s whole image on the international stage, covering political, economic and cultural dimensions.

Nation branding is everyone’s responsibility, the government and the people. It’s really just a metaphor for how effectively countries compete with each other for favorable perception, be it with regard to exports, governance, tourism, investment and technology, immigration, culture and heritage or people.

What are the most challenging obstacles you faced or expect to face?

Not being able to implement the recommendations. However, after the outstanding success and engagements we’ve attained last year, it’s safe to say those obstacles are being removed slowly yet progressively. And we can see that through the second embodiment of this year’s Narrative Summit.

Mr. Hany Mahmoud stated that “Egypt boasts enormous human and natural resources”. What, in your opinion, is holding back the country’s economy then?

The ability to manage resources and utilize the right caliber in the right place.

Most foreign production houses scouting for a desert filming location end up filming in other countries like Morocco. Why don’t they come to Egypt? Does your plan include the film industry?

According to what we heard- Morocco provides easier access and much less bureaucracy. It’s a shame given the amount of historic locations we can offer.