The Laser Revolution Conference 2017 is held at last in Egypt for its first time, the conference gladly revealed the possibilities and achievements of the global lasers technology, and what this will offer to make a wonderful leap in the world of beauty and aesthetics; giving the possibility of treating several difficult cases in the region.

The Laser Revolution Conference is under the auspices of InShape Clinic and Endo Technology.

InShape Clinic is founded by Dr. Hani Nabil, the renowned plastic surgeon. InShape Clinic is recognized as one of the most important pioneers of providing wellness and beauty services in Egypt – a full-fledged healthcare group, offering comprehensive services through five specialized clinics: Cosmetics, Skin Care, Lasers, Nutrition and Dental Care.

InShape Clinic is prideful to be the pioneer in offering its clients the best quality service with the most advanced state – of – the – art technology. In 2017, InShape Clinic launched the first lasers specialized clinic and referral center in Egypt. Fully equipped with latest machines and technologies in the world of lasers. This center is designed to treat all aesthetics lasers cases, and is open for the use of InShape’s doctors as well as external doctors – to utilize the facility.

InShape is also a strong believer in developing the aesthetics and cosmetics sector in Egypt and the region, thereby it created a training and educational institute. Within this educational institute, InShape is dedicated to educate its doctors as well as external doctors on the latest and modern techniques in the world.

Endo Technology is a leading distributor of medical and Aesthetic lasers. The company has a long outstanding partnership with global leaders in medical lasers such as Deka Lasers and Asclepion Laser technologies. It is committed to provide the Egyptian market with the latest innovations in Aesthetics Lasers to cover each and every clinical application.

Earlier in October 2017, InShape & Endo Technology collaborated together in a tour in Germany and Italy to visit the top companies in Laser technologies; and learn about the latest innovations that Laser can treat. In due course, both companies have decided to cascade down this knowledge and reveal these technologies to the local market for the benefit of the cosmetic and aesthetic sector, thereby the Laser Revolution Conference LRC came to light.

This conference is a unique opportunity that brings together the pioneer community of the best leaders of Laser Companies: Deka – Asclepion – Vivace; and representatives from these companies are invited to give the best of their knowledge to the attendees of the conference. The objective of this conference is to enhance the knowledge of the Egyptian Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists about the new medical developments and techniques, and to showcase the treatment procedures for different indications.

A New Era of Laser Treatment

Laser treatments existed long ago, and recently it witnessed a new era of providing quick and effective treatment methods. Thereby, the Laser Revolution Conference LRC provided lectures, showcased & presented Live solutions of different types of cases. LRC has made it possible to treat conditions previously considered difficult to treat, & concealed how easy & time efficient the treatments have become and with the most effective results.

Developments in Laser treatments cover several indications as such as Hair removal, Acne scars, Active Acne, Facial pigmentation, face lifting, Tattoo removal, Stretch marks, Sensitive area rejuvenation, Vaginal Tightening & Vaginal Mild incontinence; using the best & up-to-date techniques & Laser machines and technologies such as Alexandrarite Laser, Erb-yag Laser, CO2 Laser, Q-Switched Laser & Radio Frequency.