By: Kenzie Ali

It’s sort of a tradition to have your grandparents living with you in the same family house. This often results in some obvious generation gap between you and them in the simplest of matters. Those of us who are privileged to share a home with their grandparents have to face the following things!

1- It’s 9 pm? You’re late!


Your expectations time-wise are completely different. If you aren’t already home by 9 pm, definitely expect a call asking where you are and what time you’re going to return home. It’s okay. Yes, I promise mom and dad know. I’ll be home in a while. Yes, I’ll be careful.

2- Three meals a day


Times have changed. In the past, it was always a norm to eat three times a day and all family members would be present for the meals. Breakfast would be served before kids go to school and parents go to work, a light lunch when the kids are back from school, and finally dinner when the parents are home from work. But nowadays, everyone just eats whenever they want. Kids would eat at school or university; parents would probably grab a snack at the office. It’s more flexible.

3- Boys/girls over?


Having someone over from the opposite gender is just unfathomable. No, no, if you want to meet, it has to be in a public place. Have I met them before? Do your parents know them? How many are you going to be? You can’t just invite anyone to your house. How well do you know them?

4- Time to sleep and wake up


Be in bed by 10 pm and be up by 7 am. It’s like…the unspoken rule of living. Or something. Except, it doesn’t work like that anymore. You say goodnight and go into your room…just to stay up for a few more hours. At least they don’t knock on your bedroom door to get you up at 7.

5- The way you dress

Where do you think you’re going dressed like that? You have to change; it shows too much of your arms and back. Those pants are too tight. At least wear a light jacket. Sometimes, they don’t understand the new fashion trends and that practically everyone is dressed like that. They mean well for sure, but again, times have changed.

6- Technology is a foreign concept


Our parents sometimes have problems with technology, let alone our grandparents! The concepts are sometimes too complicated; mobiles and TV remotes can sometimes prove to be problematic. You end up calling, texting and fixing the right channel for them. All with love. One more thing: loud television.

7- Constantly asking if you’re in a relationship


Trust me, if I’m in a relationship, you’ll find out. I know it’s your dream to see me get married, but it really won’t speed up the process asking every three days. No, I’m not really interested in my cousins. Why? I grew up with them; they’re practically my siblings. I won’t let you down.

But at the end of the day, we love them to bits and feel lucky to have them around. God bless our grandparents.