1- How is the Pro Fiber program different from other hair care treatments?

Pro Fiber is different within the L’Oreal Professional line because it specializes in hair damage. In all of our L’Oreal Professional lines, we have lines that are specialized in major groups such as colored hair, damaged hair, scalp problems..etc. The beauty of Pro Fiber is that it is actually specialized in professional hair damage and is tailored to the different levels of damage. The difference in Pro Fiber is the technological breakthrough, the in-salon protocol, and of course, the monodosis ampoules that we provide the client to prolong the treatment.

2- Do you teach the hair technicians how to use the treatment?

Yes, of course we do. Our brand is used by the hair dressers, so we are always there to educate, train and inspire them. We have 250 hair technicians who have come in to learn how to utilize the Pro Fiber treatment. International hairdressers demonstrate to the hair technicians how they can deliver the new treatment to the consumer. They are either trained by our team in our academy in Mohandessein or the team schedules and offers sessions at the salons themselves.

3- Why did you have a press conference today?

We held a press conference today to introduce the new brand launch. We wanted to highlight the difference between L’Oreal Paris and L’Oreal Professional, that is within the professional division.

4- Haircare is different in Egypt because of the climate. How has L’Oreal developed a treatment unique to accommodate Egypt’s climate?

Climate is one of many factors. Your hair is life, just like your skin. Depending on what is going on in your life, there are so many other factors. The number one problem worldwide is damaged health.

5- What does the diagnosis process involve?

There are 2 steps: a conversation with the hair technician about the client’s daily hair care habits, and then the actual test that we perform. We test the stretch, how thin the hair is, and check if it breaks.

6. What makes each Pro Fiber Treatment different?

Each one is specific to the level of damage, level 1,2 and 3 depending on the severity of damage.