We all love to travel abroad whether it’s for fun and exploring, for work or studying. If you’ve been away for a while, coming back to Egypt can sometimes be a bit of a cultural shock. You can either feel relieved that you’re finally back or feel like you can’t live here and want to leave again.

1. The people

To be completely honest, a lot of us hate dealing with other fellow citizens. We’re talking about the rude ones. A lot of Egyptians are very kind-hearted, but others can be extremely rude and ungrateful. Egyptians can be nosy, invasive and very judgmental which in turn can make you feel like living here is just plain exhausting. People abroad tend to mind their own business. Depending on your own personality, coming back will either make you love or hate the people more.


2. Crowdedness

Nothing says crowded like the busy streets of Cairo. The traffic is chaotic and unorganized that a lot of us would actually cancel outing plans just so we can avoid the hassle of driving. It’s not just the traffic, but even cafes and restaurants are cramped on weekends and holidays. Unless you go to less trendy spots, there are crowds of people almost everywhere. This is another thing that can depend on your personal preference. Some people like crowds, while others, not so much.

3. Infrastructure

I honestly hate driving in the streets of Egypt. Besides the traffic, the infrastructure is horrible. The streets are full of bumps and holes. The speed bumps are not visible which results in causing more accidents instead of preventing them. The depth of holes is also not visible which can result in cars going into them and getting severely damaged. Streets abroad tend to be pretty neat and well paved, making driving a real pleasure.

4. Harassment

Ask any woman in Egypt if she has previously been sexually harassed, and she’ll answer ‘yes’. Sexual harassment has been a growing epidemic across the country. It doesn’t matter what the woman is wearing or what she’s doing, it never stops a man from harassing her. The major problem is that men keep blaming the women for being provocative but the matter of fact is, that all women, regardless of their attires, get harassed. It even extends to young girls, so what is their excuse for harassing girls who didn’t even hit puberty yet? This is one thing surely no one will miss when they leave Egypt and will definitely dread coming back to.