According to El Dostor and El Youm El Sabe’a, The Jewel of Lebanon Fairuz is set to return to the stage in Cairo during this year’s Eid Al-Adha after a 28 year long absence.

Sources reveal that Fairuz was excited at the mention of a concert in Cairo and has indeed confirmed the timing, which will be during Eid Al-Adha. However, the arrangements regarding the location of the concert are still unknown.

One can only assume that this event will be attended by stars from all over the Arab world, that is aside from her wide and loving Middle Eastern fan base.

Her last concert in Beirut was in 2010, and her last concert in Egypt was in 1989. Her last concert ever was in Amsterdam in 2011. This surely is the comeback we weren’t expecting and now can’t help but be so excited about!


According to Al Watan, Egyptian TV director Majdi Lashin denied all news circulating about negotiations between Fairuz and the Egyptian Television to revive a concert in Cairo.

“It is a great honor for the Egyptian Television to organize a big concert for Fairuz, but such events need to be studied first because they require a huge budget,” Lashin told Al Watan.

He also stated that in the case of such event occurring, the news will be announced immediately to the public and will not remain confidential. Fairuz is an iconic singer who has a large audience and the Egyptian Television also has a big name to maintain.