Amusement parks are a huge attraction in Eid. They’re not that common in Egypt, with Dream Park being the only renowned one. Safety at theme parks is crucial as any accident on any of the rides can result in fatal injuries. Parks have shut down before for their lack of safety measures.

Unfortunately, this was not the case with M. Hossam who fell off a ride in a small theme park in Nekabet el Mohandiseen in Zamalek a few days ago. The ride, which resembles a pendulum, swings from side to side before making a complete turn. Apparently, Mr. Hossam’s seat was not properly maintained. His shoulder harness opened and he fell to the ground hitting the structure on his way down.

A case has been filed against the owner company to close down the park and to pay for Mr. Hossam’s hospital bills as well as a compensation. Mr. Hossam is now hospitalized in critical condition.

Hopefully, Hossam will be able to recover from this accident. Our hearts go out to him and his family!