By Dahalia El Halawany

The app store has a number of crazy applications to download. They can be funny, silly or just plain weird. But the latest trending application is a scary one that got all the social media talking.

Mariam, the new application created by Salman Al Harbi only last August 9th, already went viral on social media. According to the app, Mariam is described as “a beautiful girl living an interesting dramatic story. It’s a new one of a kind concept game of alienating evil ideas away from you by killing ghosts. At each stage, the number of ghosts and speed increases”.

We’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about it on either FB or the app itself. So we decided to try it ourselves to see what it’s actually about! When you open the application, the first thing that appears is a weird scary little girl that tells you the game is “Only for adults over 9 years”. Then she asks whether you want to help her, so we went on with the game and pressed “Yes”. She started to tell us her story and how that she was lost and can no longer see anything. Then she asks whether we see her as a nice or a scary girl! We went on with the game and it didn’t really make any sense! Then the screen turned black and just sent a message to wait for the second part after 12 hours!

The game only had two buttons on the sides: one that connects to your WhatsApp and the other that Mariam would like to connect to your Mail. We didn’t connect for sure as  social media platforms warned that it might hack your phone and call you really late at night, but we aren’t sure if it really does that of course.

These apps can be really tricky and misleading and shouldn’t be trusted or passed on to your contacts. Yet the reason behind the buzz is people’s curiosity as they would like to know what happens next. So be careful the next time you actually download a game from your app store!