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We all know how men perceive women when they first meet them. They scan their bodies, face and how they dress and upon their scanning, they judge whether this woman is their type or not. But what about how men judge other men? They don’t judge each other in the same way they judge women. People always talk about how women perceive other women and that there’s always a hint of jealousy in the way they deal with each other, but not enough people talk about how men perceive other men and what aspects do they judge each other by. We decided to activate our detective mode and brought you answers; turns out that men judge other men based on these 7 aspects.

 1- By how he treats other guys

The bro code is sacred, and if one guy breaks even one of its laws, then this guy is doomed. That’s because guys take their bro code very seriously and will do their best to uphold all of the bros codes. “The bro life is like being in Jedi training camp. You must always show your bro love and be joyous when bro love is shown to you”. If you want to know more about the bro code, then I suggest you read Barney Stinson’s edition.

2- By who they’re dating

Men will always subconsciously judge another man based on whom he’s dating. For instance, if a friend is dating a girl that is hotter than him, other men will immediately think he should count his stars and be proud of him for picking a girl who isn’t shallow. Another example is if a guy is dating a girl with no obvious good qualities other than good looks, they will judge him as a shallow misogynist whose self esteem doesn’t extend beyond the superficial.

 3- By their ability to pick up women

Picking up women is an art that not every guy will be able to master, as not every guy in every group will be a master seducer. And while men do their best to help each other’s self esteem when it comes to the ladies, internally they will judge a man based on his ability to pick up women. If he strikes out every time he tries, they won’t make fun of him but they will secretly judge him.

4- By their alcohol or drugs tolerance

For men, a high alcohol or drugs tolerance is a bastion of masculinity and if a guy can’t hold his drink, other men will look down on him for being a lightweight. No man likes to be the guy who doesn’t know his limits and ends up annoying everyone around him because he’s drunk. Also, if a guy prefers the drinks that aren’t as purist because they’re delicious, they will ask him to stop being a “girl”.

5- By how they dress

Some would think that this is a 100% girl’s thing, but the truth is it’s not. Men have a rule when it comes to clothes and it’s that a guy should never be wearing tighter jeans than his girlfriend’s. No man wants to see the outline of another man’s torso and would appreciate it if they were spared that image.

6- By Getting married late/young or never getting married

It’s no secret that marriage is a scary concept, but for some reason, it’s scarier for the majority of guys more than it is for girls. When a guy gets married young, his friends will think that his actions are completely unfounded and that their friend must be genuinely idiotic for deciding to commit to someone for the rest of his life at such a young age, without yet having experienced enough. A guy who never gets married may feel lonely sometimes, but his friends will always tell him that he did the right thing for enjoying life without the burden of responsibilities weighing him down.

7- By their looks

If one guy thinks another guy is good looking or handsome, it’s an ‘observation’ rather than a ‘judgment’, but if a guy thinks another guy is “good looking in a girly way”, then that would be judgment. I know it sounds like there isn’t much of a difference between the two but judgment is drawing unobserved conclusions from obvious facts, while observing is just looking at something and seeing what’s there.