Most men are not verbal. They will not tell you that they love you straight up. Men express their love in more subtle ways than women do. All a woman got to do is notice, because while you might crave that verbal attention from your partner, deep inside, you should know that nothing screams out “I love you” more than the actions of a man who is deeply in love. So if he isn’t telling you that he loves you, here are some ways he might show you:

1. He listens

Never underestimate the act of listening. Most guys don’t like to listen to girls nagging about their lives. So if a guy listens, it means that he is genuinely interested in what you have to say. Yes, you got that right. Just the sole act of a guy listening intently and trying to absorb all the ordinary details about your life is all the proof you need to know that he likes you.

2. He compromises

There is literally nothing worse than a man’s ego. If your partner constantly tries to please you by compromising himself and doing things for you that he is not really the biggest fan of, consider it a good sign.

3. He puts effort and thoughts in the gifts he buys you

You are able to tell that a man truly loves you from the gifts he buys you. And while it doesn’t have to be expensive, it is important that he buys you something that genuinely matches your personality. That shows how he truly knows you.

4. He brings you around his family and friends

Men never take a girl out to meet their friends and family unless they genuinely have true feelings for her. So when a man makes it a point to make you a part of the important things in his life, you should be positive that he is serious about you.

5. He reaches out to you for no reason

If a man calls you or texts you out of the blue, it means that he is thinking about you. What more obvious sign do you need to realize that he really loves you?

6. He makes you feel safe

Men are overprotective by nature. If a man really has feelings for you, you will always feel safe and protected around him. He will be there for you whether to protect you or to stand by you through the toughest times.

Finally, believe it or not, if a man really likes you and has genuine feelings for you, you would know. Follow your gut feeling. There is nothing a man wouldn’t do for the girl he loves. Whether he tries to please you or protect you, a man will always express his love. All you have to do is cut him some slack because even though he doesn’t say that he loves you out loud, he feels it and that is more than enough.