We all call in sick to work when we’re physically ill, but what about our mental health? A lot of the times we’re physically healthy, but our mind is not. You can be feeling stressed out or nervous and these emotions take a toll on your mental state. So it OK to take a day off for being mentally exhausted? 

This is exactly what employee Madalyn Park did. After feeling mentally drained, she sent an email saying that she’ll take a few days off to focus on her mental health. Instead of getting criticized for asking for what many would think is silly, she actually was encouraged by the CEO himself.

The CEO even went on to say that this should be a common practice in all companies. He believes that the stigma on mental health should lessen; this is something we suffer from in the Egyptian society. A lot of Egyptians don’t even acknowledge mental illnesses and if anyone claims to be mentally ill, they’d shrug it off and say the person is lying. So imagine if we don’t really acknowledge mental illness, will we acknowledge mental stress?

Feeling mentally well is essential for work as it’ll effect the quality of work you put out. If you’re stressed and can’t focus, do you think you’ll be able to give a 100%? Probably not.

We all know what would happen in Egypt though, if we try to ask for a sick day in order to focus on your mental health. We’ll probably get fired. 🙂