We couldn’t help but notice the guys’ disdain to what they claim we are posting from “feminist” articles. And quite honestly we believe that guys haven’t really been getting their fair share of acknowledgment lately, which is why we thought of tackling one of our society’s most untapped into issues. The issue of how we perceive men. And how our perception is almost all the time wrong. So we did our research and decided to present you with 7 misconceptions that we have about Egyptian guys.

1.  Mafeesh ragel by3yat

I mean seriously?! How and why? At the end of the day, aren’t they humans who have their fair share of feelings? Don’t they get hurt, sad and broken eventually? Men do cry. They get hurt, and sometimes, they too, let their emotions get in the way.

2. Deil el-kalb 3omro mayt3edel

This one is for all the women who claim that men can never be loyal, that no matter what they say or do, they are going to cheat on you at the end. Newsflash: Men can be more loyal than women, but it only happens when they’re really in love.

3. Guys are not capable of listening

Let me tell you that this is far from the truth. There were many times when I found more comfort talking to guys about my problems than girls. It’s really not about your genders; you just need to find a good listener.

4. Men have it easy

Do they? There is no doubt that each gender might have their own problems that the other sex will never understand but the truth is, men don’t really have it easy in Egypt. If anything, they have it really hard. Men have to find a good paying job, own an apartment, study hard and join the military all in the span of two years, or the girl they love will go off and get married to the next rich husband her father brings her.

5. All men are “Si El-Sayed”

Don’t believe everything you watch in the movies. There are a lot of men in Egypt who don’t just expect to sit at home and boss their girlfriend, wife or family around. There are a lot of men who understand the concept of sharing a life with someone, and they do know how to respect your privacy and your needs.

6. When a guy chases you, he is only after one thing

Did you ever stop to think about how ridiculous this claim even is? I remember a guy once telling me that  “A lot of times women think that guys are only into someone because they want some kind of physical relationship with the girl. When the truth is, guys are completely capable of carrying a platonic relationship which is not just limited to girls.” And that was when I realized how absolutely stupid it was to think that from the first place.

7. Men are going to date whoever, but when they choose to settle, they will do it with someone who is more like their mom

That might have been the case in the 80s but right now, men’s perception of what they want their future wife to be like has become very different. Men are looking for a companion, someone whom they could travel the world with. Someone who would go the miles and endure the hardships.

So, what do you think men? Did we get it right? Tell us in the comments below!