Are men and women always right about their break up reasons? They explain themselves about why they ended their relationship and it may seem like the end of the world to them, while outsiders just think it’s incomprehensible. Since some of us could relate to some of these break-up reasons, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share the weirdest, funniest break up reasons.

We were out one day and I asked him if he liked my new jeans and he answered, “I think you should lose some weight.” – R.T.

Well, this is a good reason to break up for. Who says that to his girlfriend for God’s sake?!

I broke my nail so I started crying because I really hate it when that happens; he started laughing and made fun of me.– N.A.

Girls don’t like it when their partners don’t appreciate their mood swings and the little things they care about. You could pretend you care at least.

She couldn’t play video games; I taught her several times and it was useless. I couldn’t stand that.– M.A.

Well, that will be a convincing reason for most guys since it’s a huge issue for them.

Our wedding was in 2 weeks and we had fight over the fridge. I wanted the model with two doors, and he supported his mom’s opinion to buy the one door fridge.” – S.S.

Why do we even do this? Have you even thought about your reason after the break up? This is a superficial reason to dump the love of your life for.

He texted me after our first date, ‘I enjoyed seeing the beauty of the universe in your eyes’ and that was it. I had to.– A.K.

Well, at least he tried to be romantic but it just didn’t come with the right person.

We were out having lunch and his fries had more cheese so I took my fork to grab some of his fries spontaneously, and he stopped my hand and asked me to eat my food.– N.H.

The best break up reason award goes to this girl. You go girl! Can you believe that? Stop you from tasting his food? What planet are we on?

I didn’t like his perfume.– M.N.

You could have asked him to wear another kind, you know.

She blinked really fast that I would just stop a fight we’re having to avoid seeing her do that.– R.S.

Some people might believe these reasons are very superficial while others take them as funny content in an article, but these reasons only reflect how our minds think. Keeping up with one another’s temper and dealing with the little things that matter isn’t an impossible thing to do as long as we’re committed. We all have our moments of superficiality, but we just have to stop that from getting to us.