Interview by: Ayat Elgeziry

Russian hairdresser, Denis Yushin (also called motobarber), travels the world riding his motorcycle, picking the most dangerous places for haircuts: underwater, while windsurfing or even paragliding at a height of 1000 feet above the ground.

Yushin’s dream is to visit all the world’s countries within 6 years and experience more adventures while hair cutting.

Q1: How many countries have you visited?

Only 11: Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Q2: Tell me about your first haircut adventure?

It was in Russia back in 2011. I did it for my friend on the street, on a bench in the city center. Afterwards, I started doing this in different places: on the mountains, in the river,..etc


Q3: How can you reach your customers?

They can put a point on the map on my website and I can come close.


Q4: What was the most dangerous haircut adventure?

The windsurfing adventure, as it was both dangerous and difficult for me.


Q5: What was the most fun one?

The most fun haircut was on a paraglide, as we went up into the air three times. The first time was a trial; the second time I was behind the pilot so it was more fun.


Q6: Was cutting customers hair underwater easier or while paragliding?

Underwater haircut was the most difficult. It’s like another world, another gravity, another law. We took a plastic chair, a dressing gown, a pair of scissors, a razor and a camera for underwater shooting.

They took such a long time while preparing for the haircut and as the oxygen ran out, I finished the haircut on the surface.


Q7: What is your customer’s feedback?

They like the experience and many people want to try it again.



Q8: Did you dye customers’ hair in any of your adventures?

No, I don’t dye hair, only haircut.


Q9: Will you ever try it?

If I dyed hair, then I would have to carry a lot of materials and tools. It would be hard to produce high-quality work.



Q10: What’s the next adventure you want to try?

I want to cut hair during skydiving.


Q11: Is there anything you would like to add to the interview?

I would like to add that I want to visit all the world’s countries within 6 years. If anyone wants to participate in my project and get a haircut – simply put a dot on the map and I’ll be there.

About Ayat Elgeziry:


Ayat Elgezery is a freelance writer, photographer and assistant director. Currently working at Enti ahla m3a Amina Shelbaya program. Won the 2015 best photographer award across Egyptian universities.