I’ve always liked the crystal clear waters of Sahel, but having crowds everywhere I went and very limited privacy made me hesitant every time I planned to visit. Summer has always been about spending quality time with your family, and having some alone time to disconnect. When I got an invitation from my friend to visit her at LA VISTA, I thought why not give it a second try, maybe I’ll find this balance between peace and quiet while still being ‘in’.  

It’s family and friends oriented, AND IN!

I went to visit my friend at LA VISTA BAY at the 170 km Alex-Matrouh road, thinking it will turn out exactly like every other compound on Egypt’s North Coast. I was stunned by how different it was; classy, private, quiet, yet full of life. I was surprised that there are still developers whose priority is picking their crowd; this made me even more appreciative of where I was. My stay was free of troubles; it was actually as smooth as it can get. You would probably hardly spend your summer without getting weird looks from some of the crowds around you. Well, at LA VISTA BAY, residents actually respect your privacy.

It has a lively luxurious beach lounge/club

Let me take my time describing the beach lounge/club at LA VISTA BAY. It’s exuberant! Full of life, laid back, has a panoramic sea view and great LIVE music. It’s undoubtedly one of the best crystal clear water spots on the North Coast with a pier that I assure you, you will not resist jumping off. What’s not to love! Having a lounge with chill music whether you are at the beach or the pools was a huge plus. Yes I said pool(s), over 20 of them.

Gold’s Gym activities are available

Says who that you need to get your summer ready before summer, when you can actually start building it at your holiday destination. I was pleasantly surprised by the presence of Gold’s Gym team at LA VISTA Bay, offering a wide range of activities to avoid having any resident miss his/her exercise routine.

Endless dining options

I also never craved anything and didn’t find it, because there were simply all kinds of restaurants and cafes one can wish for; Beit Ward, TBS, Andrea, Tortina, TCHE TCHE and many more.

Towards the end of my visit, I had to ask my friend for more details about LA VISTA BAY and if there’s still a way I can get myself a place there. I was shocked to know that there are 5 LA VISTAs in the North Coast, some of them still under construction. A close, hassle-free, fun, quiet, luxurious and happy place to be. Thank you LA VISTA BAY for bringing the true essence of summer on board.