Today, Saturday, 2nd of December, Nabil Elwahsh, has been sentenced to 3 years jail for inciting rape against girls who wear revealing clothes.

The prosecution had earlier released him at a bail of 10,000 Egyptian Pounds, freeing him until the court date.

Elwa7sh, an Egyptian lawyer who prompted outrage for saying harassing and raping girls who wear revealing clothing such as ripped jeans is a “national duty”.

Nabih al-Wahsh, a prominent conservative, made the controversial comments during a TV panel show discussion debating a draft law on prostitution.

“Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?” the lawyer said on Al-Assema earlier this month.

He added: “I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.”