Pets corner

To all the pet lovers and owners out there, you’re finally heard! There’s a new specialised cafe in Alexandria called Pets Corner that actually allows you and your pets in. Not only that but they also serve them food and drinks, as well as take care of them! What else could we ask for?

What is Pets Corner?

Pets Corner is considered to be the first place and cafe in Egypt to finally welcome pets in without the “no dogs/pets allowed”sign! Now pet owners won’t have to worry anymore about leaving their pets home alone. You can go out with your dog without having someone telling you that your pet is not welcome or is oversized. Not to mention that it doesn’t end here! They also take care of your pets, offer them free food and drinks as well.

What makes it special?

This makes us wonder what makes it so special. It not only serves both the humans and animals, it also doesn’t place any restrictions on non pet owners. You don’t have to be a pet owner to go to this place. You just got to be human, a pet lover, or someone who wishes to have a pet but can’t or has been deprived from having one. This is definitely your go-to place! Is that all? This cafe accepts all sizes and shapes of dogs. They offer advice, fresh haircuts for your pets as well as nail clipping and grooming! It’s a whole different kind of service. Your dogs get to be pampered.

Can we expect this anytime soon in Cairo? What do you think of this idea? Do you agree or disagree with it?