At this point of every year, people start making up their set of goals for the new year. But this year I feel like I’m tired of the cliche new year ‘new me’ list. So how about we do something different? Let us all set goals that we need to achieve before hitting 25!

Because sharing is caring, I will start off by sharing my own list.

#1: Stay Fit

I won’t set an unrealistic goal of losing gazillion pounds and expect myself to look like a model in her teen years, but I think staying fit will help me live longer and look younger as well. Try to avoid looking like the stereotypical Egyptian lady who hasn’t checked herself in the mirror for weeks.

#2: Travel

Traveling feeds the soul and fills your life with happiness, adventure and serenity. If you want to feel like a different person every once in a while, then this is your getaway. Also, remember that your early 20’s are your ultimate years of freedom so why not travel before you are tied up to a kid or two and a job that suffocates you slowly.

#3: Live Your Life Selfishly

I know it’s extremely weird to read those words of advice, especially when someone is asking you to be selfish. But yes, you need to be selfish and only think about your needs and wants. Because 10 years from now you will have tens and hundreds of responsibilities, and you will be giving your all to your family. I guess it’s fair to have your own share of selfishness.

#4: Fall In Love

Of course I am not asking you to run after love and chase it. I am simply asking you to give yourself enough time and space to fall in love if the right person comes along. Don’t be too consumed trying to build a career that you overlook your love life or even your social life.

#5: Know What you Want in Life

Don’t be afraid of getting lost and trying different paths in life till you know what you actually want. It is your life and not anyone else’s, so don’t blindly follow the footsteps of your friends or parents. Make your own history by living the present your way!

#6: Go to at Least One Concert

This is a bit personal but I LOVE listening to Egyptian songs, and my favorite singers are Amr Diab and Esseily. Pick your favorite singers and go to at least one of their concerts; it is truly a magical experience.

#7: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone at Least Once

If you are living your life in the safe zone, then technically you haven’t truly lived. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Maybe go bungee jumping, try a new sport, travel alone or do something you always wanted to do but always thought it was crazy. You have to live life on the edge at times in order to be actually living.

#8: Become Rich

Yes, you read it right! But I don’t mean it in the sense of having lots and lots of money. Of course that would be great, but what I meant was another type of rich. Be rich in knowledge, people and even emotions. Value life’s treasures and try owning as much as you can!

#9: Expand Your Social Circles

Don’t you ever stick to one group of friends, because that’s socially unwise. Know more people and go out more with friends and family, because by the end of the day people do make us happy, even happier than we would imagine.

#10: Know How and When to Say No

This is crucial because you will have to say no at one point or the other. Teach yourself to say no when you are hurt, or when you feel like you are being used or even when you don’t feel like it.

#11: Explore Different Career Paths

Try different career paths and live your life on the edge for a while, but only to explore your options and know what you really want to do for the rest of your life.

#12: Build a Career

This one is hard, but I think by the age of 25 you need to be settled in this department. Follow a career path that you love best and has the best package for your lifestyle. Following your passion and being spontaneous is good, but at one point you will need a fixed salary job to be able to handle life’s stress and ‘tegahez nafsak‘.