nile x
Well, we lived to see the day that the label ‘Made In Egypt’ got affixed to a smart phone. This is a great effortful achievement, folks.

At Cairo ICT 2017, The Egyptian company for silicon industries, established in partnership between SICO Technology and Silicon El-Waha, and owned by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, launched the 400 million Egyptian pounds investment, the Nile X smartphone.

The foreign components in the device are provided through a partnership with China, but that doesn’t get to dim our accomplishment.

The phones specifications include:13 mega pixel dual camera, fingerprint sensor, 4GB RAM, 64 GB storage, 5.7 HD display, Android 7.0 Nougat, fast charging feature USB Type-C, and with 4G technology.

The phone is expected to be priced at an average starting from LE 2,000 up to LE 4,200.

The Nile X smartphone will be available on the 15th of December, so let’s cross our fingers until we get a good look at it. Nevertheless, this is a happy day Egypt, we get to celebrate this achievement.