Pop-Kultur, the one in a lifetime opportunity for all artists to expose their talent, has done it again this year. With an exceptional 3-day program that will take place on August 23rd through 25th, the festival offers an expansive selection of entertainment; including live music, talks, readings, exhibitions, films; the chance to join the fields of economics and politics through tens of workshops, as well as the opportunity to join and watch well known local and international figures in the most inspiring cultural setting you will ever be in.


Why would anyone voluntarily withdraw from such a huge festival? Islam Chipsy & EEK and Hello Psychaleppo were appalled when they found out that the Israeli embassy is one of the main sponsors of the festival. The sudden departure of the DJs was their way to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians.


In Islam Chipsy’s own words, he said,We make it clear that through our music, we seek to resist violence, persecution and discrimination of any kind against each other. This is reflecting our personal beliefs.”

In an ironic twist, music should be a way to unite people and should be used as a platform for reflection and truth. But are some truths too outrageous that dropping out would be better than to confront?

What are your thoughts? Is there an overreaction or are they absolutely right?