By Dalia Omar.

Nubia is one of the most breathtaking yet underrated spots in Egypt; their language is also one of the least familiar languages that are spoken in Egypt. Only a local Nubian could speak the language as there was never a channel for us to learn it, but thanks to modern day technology we can finally do.

The application was initiated by Momen Talosh, a Nubian-Egyptian and tech worker. The Nubian language is getting extinct over time as it’s being less and less spoken with the modernization trend. Talosh wants to revive their culture by teaching people how to speak Nubian. There aren’t many channels to learn it; the only chance you can learn the language is by being born into a Nubian family and having it as your mother tongue.

The application presents different options to the user; whether simple lessons featuring cartoon characters, Nubian songs or local expressions. In addition to creating a channel to teach the Nubia language, he also hopes to attract more people to visit Nubia and revive its culture. He also wants to promote the local market that sells a lot of handmade products such as baskets and scented oils to improve the locals’ harsh economic conditions.

The application is accessible to all Android users to download; we hope it could also be available on IOS and other application outlets in the near future. We hope the application spreads so more and more people would get to learn about this amazing culture.