This place might seem like a hole in the wall, but trust us, it’s a hole you wanna go into. It’s safe to say that their pasta is the best in town.


The owner, Omar Barazzi, a former journalist turned chef extraordinaire is always found in the kitchen cooking up a storm. His passion for cooking is truly evident in the very extensive menu to suit every taste.

All the ingredients are so fresh and creatively combined by the owner himself, and you can honestly taste it in the food. The atmosphere is also very colorful and charming and can be enjoyed by both families and couples. It is quite small though. We’re talking max 4 tables small, so we recommend booking in advance especially if you’re a big group or going on a date to avoid disappointment.


When we first looked at the menu, we were bewildered. We wanted to try everything. However we managed to cover most of it in order to give you the best recommendation. We advise you start with the Caprese salad which comes with the most moist, freshest mozzarella. As for the pasta, we recommend the sun-dried pesto for sun-dried tomatoes fans, as well as the Roccola Gamberi Rosso for seafood lovers. They will definitely be the kind of dishes that will leave a memorable impression; you will crave them for months after. Finish up with the mouth-watering Lemon Bar Extraordinaire for dessert and you are guaranteed to leave with a full happy stomach and the best mood.