Eid is finally around the corner and that means beach, tanning and music! Eid is the perfect time to organize concerts as people flock to Sahel for their vacation. We’re here to give you some ideas for what wear so you feel comfortable and look amazing too!

1. If the concert is held during the day, then you’ll definitely need a good pair of sunnies. A fashionable pair of sunglasses can totally transform your look!

2. A good pair of shorts is also a must have! And there tons of styles to choose from! Pick one or ten that you like to get ready for your concert!

3. Picking shoes is super important. You need to be ultra comfortable since you’re probably going to be standing for a few hours. The type of terrain you’ll be standing on is also a decisive factor when choosing your footwear. We love Sketchers sneakers; they’re really comfortable. You basically feel like you’re walking on clouds. No need to worry about your feet now!

4. Now, you’ll need a top to pair with your shorts and sneakers. Here, you’ll have endless options of trendy summer tops to choose from.

5. Velvet dresses! Velvet is so trendy right now and everything looks stunning when it’s made of velvet. A good velvet dress with a pair of ankle boots and you’ll be good to go, and you’ll look amazing too!

6. Maxi dresses are comfortable and practical. And they make you feel like royalty. Options are endless with the different patterns and cuts available, so go ahead and choose your faves!

7. Statement necklaces make an outfit look pulled together and super stylish. You can wear them with anything like a dress or top and they’ll look stunning!

8. Anything in crochet and/or lace! These two materials never go out of style and almost everything can be made with them. Whether it’s a crochet kimono or lace top, your outfit will look effortless and fancy.