What is ‘Pedophilia’? Simply put to words, pedophilia is defined as the sexual desire of an adult to a child. The truth, however, is far from that. Pedophilia is an emotional burden inflicted on a child just when he or she is starting to make it out there in the real world. 

We often underestimate pedophilia here in Egypt. This doesn’t come as a surprise since we’re traditionally built to respect our elders and trust them with our lives and children, but what happens when the villain is your grandparent, parent or family relative? What happens when the villain is the least person you would expect?

The hashtag #أول_محاولة_تحرش_كان_عمري shed a light on the issue of harassment over the past few days, but more than anything it highlighted that a great deal of this harassment comes from adults who abuse young children. This is clearly evident in the posts shared by people who claim that they were harassed at the young ages of 6 and sometimes even 4. That along with last month’s catastrophic incident, where a 35 year old man raped a two year old baby, should be reason enough to start taking some drastic measures against pedophiles in Egypt.

Check out the posts below of harassment victims who were abused as young children by an adult:





In Egypt, we have a nasty habit of blaming the victims of harassment. We tell them that they should have dressed more modestly. We advice them not to roam the streets alone at night, and we put all these restrictions about things they should or shouldn’t do to protect themselves. But tell me WHAT DOES A 5 YEAR OLD NEED TO DO IN ORDER NOT TO GET HARASSED?!