The new Wonder Woman movie is taking all the rage online even though the audience and critics are absolutely loving the movie saying it empowers women. They even had an all women screening in some theaters. 

However, the Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot had made a controversial post on her Facebook account. Even though the post dates back to a few years ago, it seems like the past has come back to haunt her. The post was a picture of her with her daughter praying for the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli citizens. The post gained a lot of hate and even more so when it was revealed that she herself was an IDF soldier. Her time of service overlapped with the war between Lebanon and Israel and consequently led to the film getting banned in Lebanon. 

Many people then took to social media saying how it was unacceptable to choose Gadot as the justice wielding superhero while she herself justifies the bombing of Gaza and thousands of civilians dying in Lebanon. Even Wonder Woman fans who were really looking forward to seeing the movie have also chosen not to go see it.


Wonder Woman is a superhero that values justice over all. She even wields a weapon called the lasso of truth which forces criminals captured with it to obey and tell the truth. So understandably, it is kind of ironic to cast Gadot as she obviously does not share the same values.

Like the hate she has received over this, she has also been backed up by a lot of support and people who support the IDF and Israel. What a lot of people don’t understand is that this isn’t about her being Israeli or even Israel; it’s about how she supports the inhumane war crimes against the Palestinian people.

While it’s true that this has nothing to do with the movie or her acting ability, but it’s hard to watch someone playing a character that fights for justice and freedom while you know that, in reality, this is not what she stands for. Gadot claims to be a feminist, but feminism and Zionism cannot co-exist. Feminism is standing up for women’s rights and equality with men. Now, do these values coincide with someone who is a Zionist? You cannot claim to be someone who stands for equality in some cases, while in others, you don’t. It’s actually very simple: You either support equality for ALL or not.