perfect boyfriend

I wish it was that easy for us to list all the traits of a perfect boyfriend, but unfortunately there isn’t a fixed list simply because there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend.

However, we all do our best to be better versions of ourselves, and that’s why every boyfriend/boyfriend-to-be out there should check this list out to familiarize themselves with the traits of a perfect boyfriend according to girls.

#1: Be Emotionally Available

Some guys are emotionally unavailable and this makes girls go crazy. You don’t need to be super cheesy and overly romantic, but it wouldn’t hurt if you express your feelings more often than never.

#2: Open Up

Sharing is caring, and that’s why when you share anything about your daily routine, previous experiences, thoughts, fears or beliefs it makes your bond grow even stronger. Because when you share, it is as if both your worlds intertwine.

#3: Befriend Her Friends

Being close with her friends is one of the smartest things you could possibly do. If her friends like you, then you will have a really peaceful relationship with her.

#4: Stop The ‘Laf and Dawaran’

Please, we beg you, stop the lying and the drama. Being straight forward is the new sexy, so instead of telling a ‘white’ lie’, why not try to be honest and clear.

#5: Don’t Let Your Mum Control The Relationship

I understand that your mum is an important person in your life and that her opinion matters to you a lot, but please don’t let her intrude on the relationship. It sucks when you’re with a momma’s boy.

 #6: Be a Good Listener

You would be the coolest boyfriend if you just listened carefully to what is bothering her. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that she needs a solution for her problem. Maybe she just needs your shoulder to cry on.

#7: Complement Her A LOT

Sometimes girls start doubting themselves for no apparent reason, but having you around to help her regain confidence is what will make her love you tremendously. If you think that she looked stunning in that red dress, then say it out loud.

#8: Appreciate Her Success

It is very attractive when you are dating a guy who supports and encourages you. A guy that loves how successful you are and is not jealous of your career advancement. Try to understand that sometimes she will put her career first and you should feel proud of that!

#9: Don’t Be a Control Freak

It is really annoying when guys act as if they own their girlfriends. Don’t ever force her to do something she doesn’t want to do, and please just stop the crazy jealousy because it’s really suffocating. Of course you are allowed to feel jealous, but crazy jealous is not so cool of you!

 #10: Put Her as a Priority

In life, especially if you are one of those successful people, you’ll have lots and lots of priorities like your career, family, business and so much more. However, making her feel like she is a priority is what will make her heart skip a beat. It doesn’t mean that you’d ignore all the other important stuff, just spend enough time with her and she will be extremely happy.

#11: Spoil Her

And I don’t mean it in the sense of buying her gifts and spending a lot of money on her. No, I mean it in the sense of making her feel like she is the queen of this world. Write her a cheesy letter, drive all the way to her house just to see her for 5 minutes or check up on her when she is really sick.

#12: Pay Attention to the Small Details

I am not asking you to memorize all the shades of lipstick she owns, but it would be pretty cool if you noticed that she changed her hair color or had a new haircut.

PS: We don’t mean to stereotype; we are just addressing some of the problems that girls in their early 20’s face with their significant others. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend. We’re just trying to give people some guidance; we are not asking anyone to change their identity.